Sexual and gender-based violence

Stopping Violence against Women, the right and smart path to human development

25 Nov 2016 by Angela Lusigi, Strategic Advisor, UNDP Africa

More women in decision making contributes to more stable and peaceful societies. Photo: UNDP
Some countries in Africa have made notable progress in enhancing women’s access to justice and reducing the incidence of sexual and gender based violence. In partnership with UNDP, Burundi, Cote d’Ivoire, Gambia and Mozambique have improved legal frameworks, response by law enforcement agencies in handling violence against women and established stronger mechanisms for providing support to survivors. In 2015 alone, helpdesks established at police stations to assist women and child victims of violence in Burundi and Mozambique have supported 1160 victims of gender based violence in Burundi and 16,000 in Mozambique.  Gambia achieved a landmark in 2015, by banning Female Genital Mutilation through the amendment of the Women Act (2010).  In addition, DRC created multipurpose community centers to promote socio-economic reintegration for victims of sexual violence and made significant inroads in the fight against the impunity of sexual violence against women.  The creation of a more conducive security environment has resulted in a decline in reported cases of sexual violence related to armed conflicts from 15,333 in 2013 to 10,882 in 2015 - a decrease of 33%[1].  Yet despite progress, much remains to be done to address the scourge of Violence against Women in Africa and around the world.  According to … Read more

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