Oceans blog series

Waves of change in Seychelles marine waters

07 Jun 2017 by Line Mancienne with contributions from Helena Sims & Andrew Grieser-Johns

The island nation of the Seychelles is globally recognized for its rich marine biodiversity. The Aldabra Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s second largest coral atoll, is renowned for its spectacular and abundant terrestrial and marine life.
Seychelles is among the top 25 largest ocean states in the world, with 1,370,000 km2 of oceans, and a land area of only 455 km2 encompassing 115 islands. It is no surprise that the country's economy, including the livelihoods of its people, depends heavily on its oceanic zone. Tourism and sport fishing, industrial tuna fishing, semi-industrial and artisanal fishing all rely on marine ecosystem services. … Read more

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