Fast Facts: UNDP in Africa

01 Dec 2012
UNDP in Africa: Fast Facts


This document provides an overview of UNDP's work in Sub-Saharan Africa. UNDP supports African countries so they can achieve people-centered growth, helping them to strengthen the private sector, expand social protection, create jobs for the poorest, and bolster food security for all. We focus on women’s empowerment not only from a human rights perspective, but also because they are a pathway to achieving the MDGs.

In addition, UNDP supports African societies so they can become more resilient, working to prevent conflicts, build peace and pave the way for long-term recovery. We also help to minimize the impact of natural and climate-related disasters, helping to prevent human and physical losses and recover from these events.

Finally, we work to ensure sustainability, encouraging a development process that is less carbon-dependent, better suited for Africa and that uses the vast natural wealth of the continent in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sound.

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