Infographic: UNDP and wildlife poaching in Africa

25 Jun 2014

In 2013 alone, 20,000 elephants were poached in Africa. The trade involves international criminal syndicates and has dramatically intensified over the past few years. Poachers now use industrial and military equipment to spot and kill elephants, rhinoceros and other animals which are used for their tusks and skin.


UNDP recognizes that poaching is a development problem. Poaching deprives communities and countries of much-needed tourism revenue, impoverishes the ecosystems upon which they sustain themselves, fuels corruption, destroys lives and, it is suspected, finances terrorism.


UNDP's approach to eliminating wildlife crime is three-pronged. We work to bolster law enforcement and anti-corruption efforts; advocate internationally for the elimination of poaching; and focus on creating sustainable livelihoods among communities, which represent an alternative to poaching and empowers women and men.

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