Regional project factsheets

19 Jun 2015

UNDP manages a regional programme that includes five regional projects, which serve to address cross-border risks and opportunities, and seek to build the capacities of regional institutions and economic communities to manage them.

Fostering resilience:
UNDP supports the continent’s resilience agenda by: enhancing conflict prevention and peacebuilding capacity; strengthening preparedness for disaster risk management; and bolstering climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Transforming governance: Our work contributes to increasing space for political participation; redefining the social contract; improving urban governance; and tackling illicit financial flows.

Fostering gender equality: We work to promote participation, leadership and entrepreneurship among women.

Promoting structural transformation: UNDP supports interventions which integrate and address economic, social, and environmental aspects for inclusive growth.

Promoting South-South Cooperation and the SDGs:  We contribute to the continent’s global engagement agenda through supporting dialogue, partnerships and knowledge exchange, cutting across regions of the South.

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