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Bio-carbon Opportunities in Eastern and Southern Africa

The review is a useful resource for policy-makers seeking an overview of forestry / bio-energy regulation and promotion, and project proponents seeking to develop CDM or voluntary market carbon projects. The chapters are organized in terms of the production cycle, beginning with forest bio-carbon more


Biomass Energy for Cement Production: Opportunities in Ethiopia

Biomass and biomass residues, if sourced in an environmentally and socially sustainable fashion, represent a vast – and largely untapped – renewable energy source for the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The guide seeks to outline the potential, taking the Ethiopian cement sector as a specific more


Building Peace and Advancing Development in the Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes Region (GLR) has been prone to conflict for several decades, and has witnessed some of the worst conflicts on the African continent. These conflicts are rooted in long-standing tensions over ethnicity and citizenship rights, which are in turn related to grievances over access to more