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  • Jul 1, 2007Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in the Pungwe Drainage BasinThis report presents the use a combination of climate and hydrological models to assess the possible consequences of future global warming on the water resources in the Pungwe catchment up until 2050. By generating on information on future trends in water resource availability in the basin the project seeks to identify possible adaptation needs over the coming years.

  • Small-Scale, Private Water Service Provision: Case Studies of Tanzania, Uganda and KenyaJan 5, 2012Small-Scale, Private Water Service Provision: Case Studies of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya

  • Oct 1, 2006Land Rights Reform and Governance in Africa: How to make it Work in the 21st Century?The main argument of this paper is that insecurity of land tenure is a socio-political condition that can be made and unmade. It points out the need for a more action-based and community driven evolutionary process for land rights reform and governance in Africa. The publication focuses on Africa but also draws examples from other poor agrarian areas.

  • Apr 16, 2013Africa Adaptation Programme: Capacity building experiencesThe discussion paper aims to emphasize the importance of historical climate data, climate projections and climate vulnerability and risk studies for building climate resilient communities. The Africa Adaptation Programme, one of UNDP’s flagship programmes in Africa, is supporting improved access to, understanding of, and application for climate data and information.

  • Apr 16, 2013Africa Adaptation Programme: Voices from the GroundThe Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) is a strategic climate change initiative designed to help create more informed climate change adaptation decision-making and more effective implementation of those decisions in each of the 20 participating countries. This document gathers media coverage of the AAP and describes some of the on the ground experiences of the programme.

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UNDP helps Sub-Saharan African countries achieve environmentally sustainable development paths while promoting economic growth, boosting human development and reducing poverty. UNDP helps African countries expand access to reliable, modern sources of energy and regional institutions to tackle climate challenges by building capacities of decision-makers and institutions to attract and implement climate funding. In addition, we support public institutions and communities to become climate-resilient and minimize the risk of climate-related disasters.

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