Poverty Reduction Reports A-Z

  • May 1, 2007

    The document focuses on integrating access to modern energy services into regional and national policies and policy tools. It presents the experience of three African Regional Economic Councils and concludes that the work in developing a political consensus on access to energy has laid the foundations for energy infrastructure investments and expansion of energy service delivery for the poor.

  • Achieving the MDGs: The role of energy services - Brazil, Mali, Philippines
    Jan 1, 2005

    The study aims to help establish a better quantitative understanding of how the provision of energy services can lead to development outcomes that aid the achievement of the MDGs. It shows the relationship between energy service availability and the economic and social dimensions of the MDG framework by analyzing the developmental impacts of energy-related interventions in the three countries.

  • Income Inequality Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa: Divergence, Determinants and Consequences
    Sep 21, 2017

    It is only through addressing the challenge of inequality that progress towards achieving poverty reduction, to be specific, and the SDGs in general, can be accelerated.

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