Food Security, Land Degradation, Water Depletion, and Sustainable Farming in Sub-Saharan Africa: Linkages and Opportunities

01 Jan 2012


In Sub-Saharan Africa food security will meet considerable problems in view of continuing population growth during the next four decades.The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has determined that Africa will have to triple its food production by 2050 to provide food for an African population which is projected then to reach two billions. Still today, the number of malnourished in SSA stays stubbornly high, despite the latest commitment of the world community through UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to half hunger by 2015, only four years from now. At the beginning of the twenty-first  century, three SSA’s countries - Ethiopia, Malawi and Niger-have suffered mass mortality food crises since 2000. These famines have claimed at least a hundred thousand and possibly a quarter of a million lives. It is widely recognized that food security will remain a big challenge in SSA throughout the twenty-first century and the Millennium Development Goal of cutting hunger by half by 2015 will not be met, particularly in SSA.

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