Eight Goals for 2015

UNDP’s Leadership on the MDGs in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa has made considerable progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the eight internationally-agreed upon targets which aim to reduce poverty, hunger, maternal and child deaths, disease, inadequate shelter, gender inequality and environmental degradation by 2015. Globally in 2012, 15 of the 20 countries which made the greatest strides on reaching a number of goals and targets were in Africa, including Benin, Ethiopia, Gambia, Malawi and Rwanda.

However, significant disparities between country-level MDG achievement exist across the region, as serious challenges remain in translating economic growth into decent job opportunities, improving service delivery, and minimizing income, gender and spatial inequalities.

While commendable headway has been made in primary education, gender parity and the fight against HIV/AIDS, other targets will likely not be met by 2015. These include reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, mitigating the loss of biodiversity and achieving full and productive employment. Other targets, such as access to safe drinking water and reducing hunger, will only be partially met if efforts are not stepped up.

Africa’s vulnerability to internal and external shocks such as food price volatility, climate change and population growth will continue to threaten the region’s ability to achieve the Goals. 

UNDP supports African countries in achieving the MDGs through:

Our Partnerships

Establishing a global partnership for development is central to obtaining the MDGs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the combined actions of national governments, the international community, civil society and the private sector are helping to make the achievement of the Goals a reality.

UNDP works closely with the African Union Commission, the African Development Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in producing the annual Africa MDG Report which highlights policy innovations and social protection initiatives that have facilitated progress towards the achievement of the Goals.

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Featured Partnerships
MDG Achievement Fund

The MDG Achievement Fund is an international cooperation mechanism whose aim is to accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) worldwide. It supports national governments, local authorities and citizen organizations in their efforts to tackle poverty and inequality.

Business Call to Action

The Business Call to Action (BCtA) aims to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by challenging companies to develop inclusive business models that offer the potential for both commercial success and development impact.

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