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Nigeria: A boost for women's participation in politics

For Anthonia Bashorun and millions of other Nigerian women, taking part in elective politics is not easy. Women often do not receive the support and mentoring they need to compete with their male counterparts. In turn, many voters do not fully appreciate the benefits of having a mix of men and womenmore


Paralegals bring justice to women in South Sudan

In a young democracy like South Sudan, most disputes are still resolved through traditional, customary structures and institutions. Alice Adye witnessed how breakdowns within state institutions, including police as well as statutory and customary courts, undermined and victimized women in rural areamore


Saturday Courts help tackle Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Sierra Leone

In a community outreach session in Kenema organized by the Family Support Unit (FSU), a branch of the Sierra Leone Police, civil society activists, community members and police officers joined students in the streets to raise awareness on the rise of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). During tmore

UNDP Africa's Democratic Governance work
Fast Facts: UNDP and Governance in Africa

In 2012, UNDP supported 19 largely peaceful elections across Africa. Our support for national and local institutions contributes to building more efficient and accountable public administrations, fighting corruption and ensuring public services reach those who need them the most.

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The Role of UNDP in Supporting Democratic Elections in Africa

This publication presents UNDP's unique role in supporting democratic elections in Africa. It sets out UNDP’s vision for free and fair electoral processes underpinned by rigorous strategic planning; guiding principles based on a mission for change; and practices informed by national development objectives.

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