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"Now I exist": Delivering identity cards in Burundi

Those of us possessing an identity card can imagine how things would be without one. Those of us who don’t possess one don’t need to imagine. We know. We know we can’t vote, can’t be heard, and certainly can’t run for office. But it doesn’t stop there. Mayisha Sikitu lives in Buyenzi, a neighbourhoomore


Gender-based violence awareness program opens eyes in Rwanda

Emmanuel, a pastor in northern Rwanda, had always considered himself a model husband. That is, until he attended a gender-based violence awareness programme in his community that showed him he had been violent to his wife to a degree that is considered illegal. “When I learned that my behavior was nmore


Kenya: Preparing women for leadership

As Kenya prepares for the general election in March 2013, UNDP is equipping women with critical skills to help them run for office. Women remain underrepresented in political leadership positions in Kenya despite Constitutional quotas, with women’s political representation standing at 9.8 percent vemore

UNDP Africa's Democratic Governance work
Fast Facts: UNDP and Governance in Africa

In 2012, UNDP supported 19 largely peaceful elections across Africa. Our support for national and local institutions contributes to building more efficient and accountable public administrations, fighting corruption and ensuring public services reach those who need them the most.

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Featured publication
The Role of UNDP in Supporting Democratic Elections in Africa

This publication presents UNDP's unique role in supporting democratic elections in Africa. It sets out UNDP’s vision for free and fair electoral processes underpinned by rigorous strategic planning; guiding principles based on a mission for change; and practices informed by national development objectives.

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