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Farmers in Ethiopia fight drought and climate change

Throughout most of his 55 years, Mohammed Hassen and his family have suffered  during recurring droughts that have ravaged his district of Kalu, South Wollo Zone, in northeastern Ethiopia. The country, once defined by rural poverty, is developing a strategy to address pockets of extreme povertymore


From Dump to Dollars: Landfill Gas Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Addis Ababa’s 36 hectare municipal landfill, open for over 40 years and currently 85% full, will now be closed and transformed into the Repi landfill gas project under the a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. The Repi CDM project is based on the capture and flaring of the harmfmore


In Benin, women cotton growers embrace organic agriculture

Each year, on average, Benin produces 220,000 tons of cotton, representing 45 percent of its fiscal income and 13 percent of its Gross National Product. Yet, in the northern municipality of Banikoara - Benin’s top cotton-producing region - the excessive use of chemical fertilizers by some cotton gromore

UNDP Africa's Environment & Energy work
Fast Facts: UNDP and the Environment in Africa

UNDP supports countries so they can build the strategies, institutions and mechanisms necessary to achieve development paths that are environmentally sustainable, while promoting economic growth, boosting human development and reducing poverty.

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Africa Adaptation Programme: Voices from the Ground

The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) was a strategic climate change initiative designed to help create more informed climate change adaptation decision-making and more effective implementation of those decisions in each of the 20 participating countries. This document includes media coverage of the AAP in 2010 and describes some of the on the ground experiences of the AAP.

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