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Building environmental sustainability, one village at a time

Peter Kilalo, a 25-year old community teacher from the village of Kaminzekezeke in Northwestern Zambia, has been recently appointed to serve as the local “Muzovu” or Awareness Project Officer. His task is to provide environmental awareness lessons to elementary school children in the Northwestern pmore


Cameroon community to return home after lake explosion

Nearly 1,700 people died in 1986 when Cameroon's Lake Nyos suddenly released deadly levels of carbon dioxide into the air following a build-up of the gas in the lake. Another 10,000 people were uprooted and 3,000 heads of livestock perished. "I lost more than 21 members of my family and all ourmore


Ethiopia: Cultivating agriculture, cutting poverty

Ethiopia aims to become a middle-income country in the next 15 years. But despite high economic growth rates, it struggles with poverty and food insecurity. For development to be successful, benefits must be widely shared. That’s why UNDP has focused a significant portion of its support to Ethiopia more

UNDP Africa's Environment & Energy work
Fast Facts: UNDP and the Environment in Africa

UNDP supports countries so they can build the strategies, institutions and mechanisms necessary to achieve development paths that are environmentally sustainable, while promoting economic growth, boosting human development and reducing poverty.

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Featured publication
Africa Adaptation Programme: Voices from the Ground

The Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP) was a strategic climate change initiative designed to help create more informed climate change adaptation decision-making and more effective implementation of those decisions in each of the 20 participating countries. This document includes media coverage of the AAP in 2010 and describes some of the on the ground experiences of the AAP.

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