UNDP in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is bustling with progress. Having grown rapidly over the last ten years, the region is beginning to develop more robust manufacturing and service industries and is now home to a flourishing middle class. Over the same period, Africa has seen commendable social and political change, exemplified by improvements in human indicators and a dramatic increase in the number of free and fair elections. The region’s major challenge will be to ensure these advances benefit the many. Learn more about Sub-Saharan Africa

Our Goals

Aiming to eradicate poverty, violence and hunger, UNDP assists African countries to translate economic growth into long-lasting, inclusive and sustainable human development. We work with African governments, businesses, communities and regional organizations, helping countries to develop and share solutions to the challenges of poverty reduction and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), democratic governance
, crisis prevention and recovery
, environment and energy, and women’s empowerment.

Cutting poverty by cultivating agriculture in Ethiopia

UNDP helped the Government of Ethiopia devise a national Growth and Transformation Plan with goals that include doubling agricultural output while ensuring the adoption of ecologically sensitive farming methods and strengthening links to markets. An Agricultural Transformation Agency was established to guide implementation, and UNDP mobilized international donors behind a $300 million investment programme. Photo: WFP/Ida Girma.

Our stories
  • Sowing the seeds of a green revolution Aug 12, 2016Sowing the seeds of a green revolutionEach year, more than 100,000 new jobseekers enter the already saturated labour market. Meet three young entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and making agriculture more sustainable in Benin.

  • Youth in Eritrea gain skills to unlock employment opportunitiesJul 15, 2016Youth in Eritrea gain skills to unlock employment opportunitiesUNDP-backed vocational training helps young people develop work skills and open up employment opportunities.

  • Mali: A women’s cooperative has its eye on the international marketJul 13, 2016Mali: A women’s cooperative has its eye on the international marketFruit processing for export develops the capacity of rural women while minimizing their dependence on climate.

  • The Power of women: Leading climate change adaptation in MaliJun 17, 2016The Power of women: Leading climate change adaptation in MaliThe project aims to strengthen resilience in the agricultural and water sectors, with an emphasis on gender-sensitive approaches.

  • The biogas solution: Ethiopia’s path toward greener growthJun 17, 2016The biogas solution: Ethiopia’s path toward greener growthThe project aims to strengthen national capacity to tap into renewable energy resources and encourage technological innovation, optimization and adoption for a green economy.