UN Signs USD 1.2 billion partnership for human prosperity in Kenya

Apr 1, 2014

imagePhoto: UNDP Kenya

Nairobi - The United Nations and the Government of Kenya have signed a 4-year cooperation agreement estimated at $1.2 billion to support the government’s Vision 2030 and development efforts.

Over that period, the UN’s national development plan, known as Development Assistance Framework, will focus on governance, development of human capital, inclusive economic growth and environmental sustainability, land management and human security.

Speaking at Statehouse Nairobi, during the signing ceremony, President Kenyatta said: “I look forward to its implementation and to its positive impacts on the lives of Kenyans, particularly for those most disadvantaged.”

The programme is for the first time led by the government of Kenya, but it will be implemented by 25 UN agencies, also bringing on board the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for the very first time.

“From now, these projects will belong to the government rather than the previous years, and we expect that government will contribute much more than before,” said United Nations Resident Coordinator, Ms. Nardos Bekele-Thomas.

Kenya is now officially a ‘Delivering as One’ country, which involves a set of reforms aiming for more effective, efficient and coherent programming.

During the last programming cycle (2009-2013), the total programme delivery of United Nations Funds and Programmes in Kenya was close to 3 billion US dollars.  Around 70 percent of the total delivery was for humanitarian activities.

“The UN would seek to reverse this situation by focusing more on crisis prevention, and intensifying and expanding support to medium and long-term development programmes”, said Bekele-Thomas.