UNDP helps boost participation of young artists in Atlantic Music Expo

Apr 25, 2014


The United Nations in Cape Verde has partnered with the Ministry of Culture and national stakeholders to organize the second edition of the Atlantic Music Expo in Cape Verde (AME-CV). AME-CV, the major creative economy-related event in the archipelago, has a strong youth component this year.

"It is an extraordinary thing that we have this event happening here in Cabo Verde. We should continue to host  these  events so that the music can earn a larger dimension in our economy and become a factor of growth for the Cape Verdean economy, generating employment and wealth for all Cape Verdeans," said José Maria Neves, Prime Minister of Cape Verde.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as part of the United Nations System, supported AME-CV by boosting the participation of young professionals and artists from the music sector.

UNDP helped bring to the city of Praia young women and men from different islands of the archipelago, providing an opportunity for them to showcase not just their art, but also the local creative energy of their islands.

The Atlantic Music Expo is a platform for transatlantic cultural exchanges, promoting meetings for music professionals from Cape Verde, Africa and both sides of the Atlantic.
The presence of young artists in AME-CV represented an opportunity for them to learn and network both with foreign and local professionals.

At a national level, the expo was a chance to showcase and raise the national productive potential of Cape Verde, as well as the potential of creative economies, in generating decent employment, especially among young people. AME-CV was an example of how to turn the creative economies into a competitive trade sector.

Over the course of three days, participants in the expo were offered conferences and networking meetings with international professionals from the music sector, as well as artists from Cape Verde. 

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