UNDP, African Union to organize gathering of women in business

Aug 8, 2014

imageWomen have been playing an important role in agricultural businesses and many other sectors (Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT)

UNDP and the African Union (AU) will convene from 17 to 20 August an event for women in business. The gathering will identify champion industrialists and innovators and develop a framework to mobilize financing for businesswomen across the region.

Women in the business sector face many challenges. Female owned enterprises are less likely to register their businesses, and they perceive tax rates and customs as greater constraints to business growth compared to men.

Discriminative practices in the inheritance and ownership of land and other properties pose fundamental constraints to women entrepreneurs, especially as they restrict their access to formal financing mechanism.

The event will build on a AU/UNDP regional programme focusing on empowering women economically and politically.

The project aims to boost youth and women’s political participation and representation, empower women economically, increase their productivity in agriculture and encourage African countries to integrate gender considerations in their budgets, plans and reporting systems.

It promotes women’s access to knowledge and skills so they can produce quality products for export. To ensure women are elected to leadership positions, we collaborate with African networks to change perceptions on women as decision-makers.

In the area of agriculture, priorities include access to information, insurance, land, credit services and regional markets.