Highlights of Abdoulaye Mar Dieye's January 2016 Trip to Japan

Jan 25, 2016

Mr. Dieye with Japan's Association of Corporate Executives. Photo: UNDP Japan

To formally kick-off the start of the countdown to TICAD VI, the RBA Director, Abdoulaye Mar Dieye, visited Tokyo, Japan from 18 to 20 January. During his visit, the Director met with key constituents (representatives from the Diet, the Government, the Civil Society, and the Private Sector) to discuss prospects for the new development agenda for Africa, and continued UNDP-Japan partnership to support the continent through TICAD process. Highlights of the mission included a Symposium on ‘Promoting inclusive development in Africa: The economics of youth and women empowerment’ and the confirmation of the Supplementary Budget, which included USD 52 million to support UNDP projects in the Sub-Saharan Africa (including 10 million USD for Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan). The mission is a testament to the importance of the partnership between UNDP and Japan.

 Below are some highlights of the visit:

·In the meeting with the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai), the Director discussed growth opportunities in African markets, and the role of UNDP in strengthening partnerships with private sector to promote inclusive development. Both agreed to strengthen information sharing and collaboration in Africa.

·In a discussion with Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Director was officially informed of the approval by the Japanese Diet of 52 million USD supplementary budget for UNDP in Sub-Saharan Africa. Both agreed to ensure speedy delivery and visibility of projects concerned and to work with key stakeholders to ensure the success of the TICAD process and TICAD VI.

·The Regional Director met with Hon. Ichiro Aisawa, (Chairman) and Hon. Asahiko Mihara, (Secretary-General) of Japan-AU Parliamentary Friendship League to  renew UNDP’s appreciation for Japan’s trust in UNDP as a strategic partner.  UNDP's partnership with Japan on African development was highly appreciated and both reiterated their strong commitment to ensure the success of the TICAD process, including TICAD VI. 

·The Regional Director exchanged views with JICA Director-General Hideo Eguchi, to discuss UNDP-JICA collaboration in support of African development and the TICAD process, in particular TICAD VI. Both agreed to further strengthen collaboration at the country level through regular consultations and joint initiatives for TICAD VI.

·During his meeting with the Japan Citizen’s Network, Mr. Dieye reaffirmed UNDP’s interest in fostering closer ties between Civil Society Organizations in Japan and Africa and encouraged their substantive contributions to TICAD VI preparatory process.

·In his Keynote presentation during the UNDP-JICA Symposium on ‘Promoting inclusive development in Africa: The economics of youth and women empowerment’, Mr. Dieye urged African governments to unleash the creative energy of Africa’s youth and women. He emphasized TICAD VI as an opportunity to marshall the collective expertise of Africa, UNDP, and Japan in usher in rapid and sustained economic and social transformation, as well as equitable and sustainable poverty eradication in Africa. Finally, he highlighted the upcoming African Human Development Report on Gender Equality  as an important tool  in providing relevant data and insight on the importance of women empowerment for Africa’s development.   

Highlights of Mr Dieye's visit can be seen here.

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