Regional Programme for Africa


The Regional Programme for Africa is a flagship UNDP programme that responds to challenges and opportunities facing the African continent and to the priorities and aspirations of Africa as articulated by the African Union and other regional organs. As a strategic tool for UNDP’s Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA), the Regional Programme operates as an integrated continental coordination mechanism, and links regional, sub-regional and country development planning processes for greater effectiveness and results.

The current phase the Regional Programme (2018-2021) is taking place during a critical period in the development trajectory of the African continent. While significant advances have been made in the economic, social and governance spheres, these positive development gains are at risk of being undermined by weakening economic growth, high poverty levels, rising inequalities, rising unemployment rates, and incomplete democratic transitions. These dynamics have been made more complex to address due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, which with adverse socio-economic consequences especially for the most vulnerable populations.

Citizens across Africa are asking for their voices to be heard and thus, inclusivity, and especially voices and needs of young people, women and vulnerable groups across the continent should be incorporated into all programming dimensions.

The Regional Programme is well-positioned to continuously scan the environment to address the continent’s dynamic environment and orient its policy in a way that makes sure no-one is left behind.

Geographic scope

Based in Addis Ababa at the Regional Service Centre in Africa (RSCA), the Regional Programme works closely with sub-regional hubs in Dakar, Nairobi and Pretoria. These hubs have geographic and thematic mandates (stabilization, resilience and financing) to engage directly with society, governments and partners on joint priorities.

We also collaborate with other offices under the UNDP umbrella, namely the Global Policy Network (GPN), the Strategic Analysis and Research Team, the Country Oversight Team (COST), the Inter-Practice Coordination Group (IPCG) and 46 country offices located across the continent.

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