The food situation in Ethiopia is also of great concern

31 May 2017 by David Das Neves, South-South Cooperation and Development Effectiveness Officer, UNDP Africa

Few people are aware that Ethiopia is the African country that hosts the most refugees: 730 000 have been recorded, chiefly from Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea and Kenya. Photo: IOM
No one can deny the effect of climate change as one of the factors that have led to the current food crisis. The severe drought that is raging in this part of the world is wreaking havoc. Nevertheless, other factors must equally be taken into account. The UN Secretary-General recently stated that the combination of conflict, drought and disease has resulted in a nightmare situation. … Read more

Funding the SDGs in Resource-Rich Countries

18 May 2017 by Degol Hailu and Chinpihoi Kipgen

__________________EDI Component Scores for SSA_____________________
The EDI is a composite index made up of three weighted components – the extractive sector’s contribution to export earnings, fiscal revenues and GDP – and ranges from 0 to 100 with 100 being the highest dependence score. … Read more

Nature to the rescue: Using ecosystem services to reduce flood risks

15 May 2017 by Saskia Marijnissen, Regional Technical Adviser, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, UNDP Africa

In Sierra Leone, over 3 million people live in increasingly vulnerable coastal areas. Finding innovative and sustainable ways to work together with, rather than against, nature for effective risk reduction is critical. © Tommy Trenchard/ UNEP
With climate change, continuing urbanization trends and demographic growth – especially also in coastal areas, the impacts of floods are expected to increase dramatically in the next decades. Finding innovative and sustainable ways to work together with rather than against nature for effective flood risk reduction will be critical. … Read more

Learning from experiences of others – Knowledge Management for better results

11 May 2017 by Mandisa Mashologu, UNDP Nigeria Country Director, ai.

Participants who took part in the Experience Capitalization Knowledge Management workshop in Accra, Ghana. Photo, UNDP Nigeria/Lucky Musonda
UNDP is among few large organisations with decades of delivering development solutions to millions across the world. Made up of both the people and processes as well as information systems that drive our actions, it is indeed a complex system. Over the years, UNDP has built its acumen within the UN System, governments and development partners as a trusted institution with the largest mandate to eradicate poverty, strengthen institutional capacity and promote sustainable human development. UNDP prides itself on its presence in nearly 170 countries and territories globally. … Read more

Stabilizing vulnerable communities in Nigeria is key for easing dependency on humanitarian aid

04 May 2017 by Edward Kallon, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator and Resident Representative, UNDP Nigeria

The Lake Chad basin in Nigeria is on the brink of famine. For seven years, Boko Haram insurgents have descended on communities, driving people from their homes and killing thousands. The level of destruction is breathtaking. But more shocking is the vulnerable position survivors are in now. There are 5.7 million people in northeast Nigeria in urgent need of food, most of them children. This number will continue to rise unless we act. Humanitarian aid is reaching those in need, but with the existing funding gap, assistance will soon run out and the lives of millions will be at risk. We must help them now. This crisis is exposing long-standing vulnerabilities — poverty and exclusion have just made matters worse. Seven out of 10 people lived in extreme poverty even before the crisis began. With the majority of the two million displaced being hosted in communities rather than in formal camps, the crisis has put enormous strain on an already fragile system. But it is not safe for people to go back home. Their communities are destroyed and members of the militant group Boko Haram are still at large. Stabilizing communities — both where they are sheltering now and where they … Read more

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