Climate and
Disaster Resilience


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While most countries in Africa have seen economic growth pick up and human development levels increase, on the other hand many groups and even nations have yet to realize their potential, held back by war, disaster or chronic poverty. Resilience consists in managing risks over time at individual, household, community and societal levels in ways that minimize costs and build capacity to manage and sustain development momentum through natural and man-made crises.

UNDP helps develop the capacity of governments across Africa to respond to disasters and mitigate the risk they pose. UNDP is guiding policy; training communities and first responders; helping planners; and integrating disaster risk reduction strategies into national development plans. Disaster recovery activities are often an opportunity to integrate improved disaster resilience into communities and build back better. Early recovery efforts are geared toward helping communities make the transition from being recipients of humanitarian aid to taking their future into their own hands.  

UNDP works to support vulnerable and marginalized populations, advising governments on how to put into place better social protection measures. We offer policy advice and contribute our global knowledge towards creating effective cash transfer, employment, insurance and other programmes designed to help populations withstand risk and uncertainty.
UNDP has been supporting the capacities of governments in some of Africa’s most vulnerable areas to address the long-term causes of food insecurity. For instance, UNDP is bringing together local and international development actors around a common plan to identify bottlenecks and practical solutions to dramatically reduce hunger over time, focusing on agricultural production, market creation and the empowerment of smallholders, including large numbers of women.

UNDP’s support in climate change adaptation includes integrating information on climate change risks and adaptation options into national and sub-national planning processes and budgets; and promoting and implementing integrated investments on the ground that safeguard livelihoods and protect development from possible impacts.

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