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UNDP facilitates Japanese investments in South Africa to meet the SDGs

Sharpening investments to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in South Africa was the focus of the SDG Investor Map Seminar organized for the private sector in Japan.  

Interview with Adidjé Kerala, Head of a Stabilization Committee in conflict-affected Chad

We met Adidjé Kerala, the very first woman at the head of a Stabilization Committee in conflict-hit Chad. In a society where women's rights remain an arduous quest, she embodies progress and hope for…  

Graduation of African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) - Emerging issues in a new development landscape

This paper analyses growth experiences of African LDCs, including those that graduated from the LDC status and their related structural transformation during 2000–2020. It also examines some of the…  

Stabilization in the Lake Chad Basin: Rebuilding Communities Across 7 Impact Areas

Stabilizing a region ravaged by conflict is no easy feat, particularly when that region remains a hotspot for violent acts perpetrated by extremist groups. Approximately 10.7 million people in the…  

Women Fighting Wildlife Crime

Celebrating women around the world who are leading the charge to protect local wildlife.  

Next-generation Regional Collaborative Platform meeting kicks off for first time with regional UN entities in Africa

Africa’s regional know-how, assets and policy expertise will be more systematically channeled to the Resident Coordinators and United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) across the continent as they help…  

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