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Across the Burundi — Tanzania border

Realizing the Humanitarian - Development Peace Nexus in the Great Lake region  

Young African women leaders for sustainable development

20 young fellows from African Young Women Leaders Fellowship Programme have now started their one-year assignment with UNDP. We asked their impressions.  

Measuring the economic impact of violent extremism in Africa

The report looks at the economic cost of violent extremism focusing on 18 African countries. It examines the impacts of attacks on infrastructure and physical damage, formal and informal economies as…  

Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare today

For Africa the journey to building back better starts now, without which the promise of a better tomorrow will be elusive.  

COVID-19 and the challenge of African borderlands

It is one thing for African states to test for COVID-19, lock down populations, and flatten the curve in capital cities. But it is another thing entirely to combat the disease in the margins of the…  

COVID-19: Leveraging on social capital to ‘Flatten the Curve’ in Eritrea

Thanks to its investment in a communal approach, Eritrea has been able to turn the tide in the fight against COVID-19  

Lockdown economics: A chance to build a new consensus

Among the many lessons of COVID-19, one is the need for a new policy consensus to deal with the crisis in the fallout from the pandemic.  

Madagascar processes COVID-19 testing material and medical waste safely for people and for planet

COVID-19 testing kits and medical waste are sterilized safely thanks to a UNDP-GEF project launched in 2016 in the country.  

A small island makes a big strategic bet

The transition to a low carbon transportation helps Mauritius enhance its energy security, while also reducing carbon emissions.  

Transitioning to a circular economy with a multi-stakeholder platform in Ghana

We cannot continue with business as usual - a circular economy approach can help, in fact it is critical!  

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