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Consolidating gains and building momentum

Consolidating Gains and Building Momentum

Sep 30, 2013

This is why 20 African countries have found their experience with the AAP particularly productive. Over the past few years they have worked as individual national entities and as a broad regional coalition to lay the foundations necessary for building secure development agendas.They can now produce more effective results in the way they marshal information resources and draw from them the knowledge inputs they need; to access, analyse and apply climate risk and vulnerability data in support of policy and planning; to scan the climate and development landscape and map its actors; to pool their knowledge products with those of many others from which everyone can draw lessons and best practices; and to master the technology and hone the professional skills needed to excel in all these endeavours.

This is the suite of capacities that can make a real and lasting difference in the abilities of national governments to harness the power of knowledge in the challenge of charting and pursuing a strategic path to greater climate resilience. And this is what makes the AAP a truly transformational programme. Knowledge is the key, because the crucial transformation is the one that takes place in the minds of pivotal people in and around achievable critical paths to those new possibilities

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