UNDP Renewed Strategic Offer In Africa

Apr 28, 2020

UNDP's Strategic Offer in Africa supports Africa’s people, its governments and institutions as they seek to consolidate recent gains and effectively address the challenges that remain. These include persistent inequalities, weak governance institutions, climate change, rapid population growth, stalled industrialization and rising violence.

From a corporate standpoint, the Strategic Offer is driven by the SDGs framework and grounded in UNDP’s Strategic Plan (2018-2021). The Strategic Offer responds to the Decade of Action, and to UNDP’s bold and timely clarion call encapsulated in the Next Generation UNDP, which is a compelling leadership commitment to “disrupt the way our organization thinks, invests, manages and delivers – so African countries can perform faster and better than ever to accelerate progress towards the SDGs”. From a wider perspective, the Offer is closely aligned with the continent-wide initiatives such as the Africa Union’s Agenda 2063 and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The Strategic Offer aims to strengthen UNDP’s position as Africa’s premier enabler and integrator for the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the 2063 Agenda. A key rationale for renewing our offer is found within the continent itself. Africa is at an extraordinarily critical juncture. Facing multiple possible futures, ranging from the grim to the golden, the continent has a short window of opportunity to trigger economic transformation that delivers equitable, substantial, sustainable and lasting change for all its citizens. At the heart of the Offer, is the desire to shift the narrative away from a problem lens, to one that accentuates Africa’s promise. 

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