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South-South Cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Jun 12, 2018

As countries integrate the SDGs into their domestic development priorities and plans, the value which South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSC/TrC) initiatives can potentially add to efforts intended to end poverty, achieve gender equality, and support sustained and inclusive economic growth seems to be widely underestimated. Similarly, the fact that many SSC/TrC initiatives have focused on the development of basic infrastructure and the productive sector shows the potential that Southern cooperation should refocus attention on these crucial areas which seem to have lost importance for traditional aid providers.

The South-South Cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa: Strategies for UNDP Engagement mapping report highlights the significant achievements that various aspects of South-South cooperation have made in advancing a number of strategic areas for sustainable development. A detailed review of first-hand accounts from project partners has enabled the detection of several concrete trends, challenges and areas that deserve attention if we are to leverage the full potential of SSC to contribute to development.


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