Today more than one million mosquito nets will be distributed in Guinea-Bissau

May 31, 2017

It is proven that insecticide-treated mosquito nets can prevent 50 percent of malaria cases. Photo: UNDP

Between 31 May and June 4th, more than 5,000 community health workers and volunteers will distribute impregnated mosquito nets to over 2 million people at 1,500 distribution points throughout the country in the fight against malaria.

The Ministry of Public Health, together with the Global Fund, UNDP as Principal Recipient, other UN agencies (WHO and UNICEF) and other partners, is launching the national Campaign for the distribution of Long-Lasting Insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) to protect more than 2 million children and adults from malaria, the leading cause of disease and death in the country.

The mosquito net distribution campaign, which runs from 31 May until June 4th will be launched by the First Lady, Rosa Vaz, the Ministry of Public Health, representatives of the Global Fund, the French Ambassador, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and by musicians Binham and Vladimir Cabral in the Bairro de Ajuda neighbourhood in Bissau.

Through 1,500 distribution points set up throughout the country, this campaign will offer more than 1 million LLINs to families who present their census documents (coupons), delivered in April.

Malaria is the leading cause of death in Guinea-Bissau, affecting especially children under 5 years of age. With Global Fund support for the 2011 and 2014 net distribution campaigns, malaria prevalence dropped by 80 per cent. However, malaria in Guinea-Bissau remains the highest in West Africa, accounting for 15.8 per cent of all deaths. It is proven that insecticide-treated mosquito nets can prevent 50 percent of malaria cases.

"Impregnated mosquito nets (tents) are the most effective barrier against malaria and can make the difference between life and death," recalls UN acting Resident Coordinator and WHO Representative in Guinea Bissau, Dr. Aygan Kossi.

"Sleep safely, sleep under nets" is the slogan of this year's campaign, which highlights the importance of using mosquito nets every night. Impregnated with a special product to eliminate mosquitoes, the first few days it might have a smell. However, it disappears after ventilation in shaded open air. The mosquito net can be used effectively for 3 years, during which time mosquitoes that come in contact with the net will be killed or repelled.

Committed volunteers support this campaign and call for everyone´s participation and ask national authorities community and religious leaders, teachers, and journalists to appeal to heads of households to collect their LLINs at distribution points, and pass the message on the importance of sleeping under a mosquito net.

The National Campaign for the Distribution of mosquito nets is the result of the joint effort of the Ministry of Public Health, the Global Fund, UNDP, with other UN partners (WHO, UNICEF, UNIOGBIS) and other national partners in the fight against malaria. Since 2004, the Global Fund has supported malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment benefiting children, young people and Bissau Guinean women and men.

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