The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed over 100,000 African lives and nearly 4 million cases have been recorded so far. Africa’s COVID-19 story is one of nuances. Only 10 countries account for over 80% of all cases, island nations suffer peculiar impacts, rural-urban differentiation is evident, socioeconomic implications reveal gender biases, and trade patterns matter.  There is no single Africa COVID-19 story.  Addressing COVID-19 in Africa and designing appropriate remedial strategies requires a thorough understanding of Africa’s diverse contexts and an appreciation of the role of regional integration in defining solutions.


This event will launch UNDP Africa’s new report: Analysing long-term socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 across diverse African contexts, which examines the effect COVID-19 will have on macro-economic development in 10 African countries by 2030 and 2050. The report highlights the multifaceted economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic across Africa, including on human development indicators, economic interdependence, and growth and resilience patterns. It also examines and assesses the longer-term impacts on trade, economic growth and health indicators.


The panelists will discuss the findings and recommendations from this report for the longer-term economic transformation and strategic investments across Africa. The conversation will feature the following speakers:

  • Ms. Noura Hamladji, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Regional Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa (RBA), UNDP Africa Bureau
  • Mr. Jean-Denis Gabikini, Acting Director of Economic Affairs, African Union Commission
  • Dr. Raymond Gilpin, Chief Economist, UNDP Africa Bureau
  • Prof Njuguna Ndungu, Executive Director, African Economic Research Consortium
  • Dr Patricia Laverley, Deputy Finance Minister, Sierra Leone
  • Dr Yeo Dossina, Economic Affairs, AUC
  • Prof Bernadette Dia Kamgnia, Science Po, France


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