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The African Union is preparing, with UNDP support, a framework for a comprehensive and resilient recovery from COVID-19 to contribute to better preparedness for epidemics and disasters

The African Union Commission adopted in July the terms of reference for the COVID-19 Recovery Coordination Mechanism for Africa, with ongoing support by UNDP (Sahel Resilience Project, Recovery Team, Africa DRR and Governance teams), African Development Bank, FAO, WHO, and a team of experts focusing on disaster risk management, recovery, and human impacts.

Four levels of coordination have been established: (i) logistical coordination between UNDP and the AUC with a technical working group for recovery that meets bi-weekly; (ii) inter-departmental technical mechanism for AUC technical departments; (iii) multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary coordination mechanism similar to the core group of the Africa Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (AWGDRR); and (iv) the African Union’s political organs (Assembly of the Union, Executive Council and Specialized Technical Committee (STC).

The roles of stakeholders and timelines for the process have been agreed and are guided by scheduled African Union meetings, including the Assembly of the Union in February 2022. 

This initiative that will provide AU and RECs with effective continental leadership and guidance on a comprehensive and resilient recovery from COVID-19 grew out of a concept note that the Sahel Resilience Project worked on earlier this year in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Environmental Sustainability of the African Union Commission (AUC), advocating for a COVID-19 recovery framework for Africa. This collaboration culminated on 20 April in a formal request from the AUC to UNDP to support the development of the framework for the continent. Once in place, the framework will ensure that AU member states integrate core public health functions and health risk management in disaster risk management to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from similar crises in the future.  

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