Leaving No One Behind

A story about how UNDP is building back better in its stabilization programme; setting the foundation for the people in Northern Mozambique to re-start their life, rebuild their community and plan for…  

Students and professionals celebrate the reopening of the public library in Dondo, Mozambique

After being dysfunctional and closed for two years, the Dondo Municipal Library has finally reopened, now featuring more resilient infrastructure, new technological equipment and durable furniture.  

Moving away from men-only jobs in Mauritania

Saadani Bint Abeidna is the first woman to create an automobile repair shop in Nouadhibou, the country’s economic capital, and to thrive in a sector considered exclusively for men.  

Interview with Adidjé Kerala, Head of a Stabilization Committee in conflict-affected Chad

We met Adidjé Kerala, the very first woman at the head of a Stabilization Committee in conflict-hit Chad. In a society where women's rights remain an arduous quest, she embodies progress and hope for…  

How creative economy supports women in Guinea Bissau

Ivone Gomes ventured into a sewing career that has helped to improve the lives of many women in her native country of Guinea Bissau, one of the smallest countries in West Africa.  

“Where there is life, there is hope”

After Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, Cecília Chata Valentim, a young mother, and the seven children under her care received support from UNDP Recovery Facility sto restart a new life.  

Women Fighting Wildlife Crime

Celebrating women around the world who are leading the charge to protect local wildlife.  

Droughts or Floods

Protecting the great ape whose culture is peace

A community conserves threatened bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

Breaking the Cycle of Poor Harvests

With GCF-funding, Farmer Field Schools are helping farming communities in Zambia become better equipped with knowledge and capacity to adapt and turn climate risks into climate resilience.  

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